10-CURRENT i386 memstick snapshots broken?

Jimmy jimmy.kelley at charter.net
Fri Jun 7 21:12:19 UTC 2013

Greetings -

I had originally started playing with the 10-CURRENT amd64 release
a couple of months ago (no complaints here - keep up the good work!)
and had used the memstick snapshot to set things up back then with
no problems.

Now I'd like to wipe everything and switch to the i386 version, but
the memstick images (all of the last 4 or 5) seem to be broken.
My machine sees that the USB stick is there, but won't boot off of
it at all.  When I do 'fdisk' on /dev/da0 with the i386 stuff loaded,
I get a invalid partition error, so on a hunch I decided to take a
closer look at the memstick images using
 dd if=xxx-memstick bs=512 count=1 | hd
The amd64 images look like what I would expect: some bootblock code
with a partition table at the end and the "a5" type marker.  The i386
image, however, is ALL '00'.  It would appear the whatever puts those
memstick images together (src/release/i386/make-memstick.sh, perhaps?)
is failing for some reason.

Has anyone else tried the i386 memstick and having the same problem?


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