Response of * websites are very slow

Daniel Kalchev daniel at
Wed Feb 27 10:38:09 UTC 2013

On 27.02.13 12:23, Daniel Nebdal wrote:
> I think you're supposed to be automatically sent to the mirror that is
> closest to you - for some value of "closest". If the mirror you're
> getting has issues, that might show up like this. Could you post the
> output of "traceroute" ? It should show which mirror
> you're getting, and perhaps if there are any obvious problems on the
> way.

I believe, in his case that would be "traceroute". 
The list of mirrors is here

in any case, "anything *" actually refers to plenty of hosts 
all over the world -- some might be slow, some very fast.

On the other hand, "Address could not be found" type of errors indicates 
something else than "fast" or "slow".


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