Fixing X220 Video The Right Way

matt sendtomatt at
Tue Feb 26 04:21:41 UTC 2013

On 02/25/13 18:33, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> [101232] acpi_video0: <ACPI video extension> on vgapci0
> found Internal/Integrated Digital Flat Panel(400), idx#0, port#0, head #0
> And what do I do with acpi_get_handle ?
I threw printfs into acpi_video, not sure if that would work for both
vgapci or not.
I'm not sure if I wiped out my debug patches yet, I may have a patch.
Basically the idea is to figure out which paths in the DSDT are getting
attached to the vgapci devices.

This dsdt patch from Mitsuru Iwasaki illustrates fixing a similar issue
to X220 via a custom dsdt

It seems like we could either try to find these paths on affected
models, or have a tunable override for acpi_video.


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