FreeBSD Testing Facility

Daniel Kalchev daniel at
Thu Feb 21 13:14:12 UTC 2013

On 21.02.13 15:04, Mehmet Erol Sanliturk wrote:
> Dear All ,
> During development of FreeBSD , testing is very vital .
> To my knowledge ( which may not be correct ) , at present ,
> Tinderbox is used to only compilation correctness ,
> means "Syntax" is tested .
> I have downloaded
> and tried to install it on an Intel DG965WH main board .
> During the first booting , it generated a panic message and entered into
> debug mode .
> For me it has crashed , because I do not know what to do in debug mode .
> On this main board , it is possible to completely install and successfully
> run
> Windows 7 ,
> Fedora 15 , 17 , 18 ,
> Mageia
> OpenSuSE

I stopped right here. None of the software you compare FreeBSD-current 
to is an development build. On the other hand, you downloaded an 
cutting-edge development build of FreeBSD (not released software) and 
expected it to be stable. It is not. This is why it is not released. It 
might not always break, but it might also damage your data and 
(possibly) hardware too. Unless you agree to accept these risks, you 
should not play with development versions of software.

Having said that, the DG965WH is quite old hardware and any stable 
version of FreeBSD should work just fine there. You are unlikely to see 
any benefit of the unreleased versions that are still in development, 
such as supporting "very new" hardware etc.

Sorry if any of this sounds too hard, but it is reflecting reality. This 
mailing list, freebsd-current exists to facilitate discussion between 
those, who know they are running highly unstable, still in development 
version of FreeBSD that needs lots of work to become more stable.


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