PathScale EKO Path 5 not for FreeBSD anymore?

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Tue Feb 19 23:10:03 UTC 2013

A while ago - approximately three years from now, i was looking for a
GPGPU capable solution for usage on FreeBSD and I stepped into the
compilers from PathScale which are supposed to handle OpenACC (like
OpenMP #pragma omp, but in this case #pragma openacc instead).

Well, there was hope since PathScale obviously had a FreeBSD commercial
solution. It was in BETA stage that time, I applied for getting a
testing copy, but never got an answer, even having had contact to
Christopher Bergström, CTO at PathScale.

Looking today at Phoronix,


I read this benchmarking and followed the links which say that PathScale
opensourced their compiler suite a while ago


I was curious and looked at PathScales website where I found three years
ago also FreeBSD mentioned as a supported platform, but see foryourself,
what supported platforms today mentioned there:

Well, at the end, this means there is simply no binary or package that
could be installed easily for scientists interested in that compiler.

I do not know whether there are motivations to produce a FreeBSD 10/9
compatible package from the newly emitted PathScale EKO Patch 5 Beta
compiler sources, which are available at github:

Well, the official website of PathScale doens't mention FreeBSD anymore
and this must have a reason why they droped support or any intention to
support that OS. From the perspective of a "user", I'm the lonely
"idiot" within kilometres using FreeBSD for my day-to-day scientifice
work and sacrifice myself not having GPGPU capabilities. Something is
really going into the wrong direction here.

I'm very interested in the reasoning why PathScale droped FreeBSD and I
guess it would be nice to reveal the reasons.

Am I blind or is this again another erosion process of an operating
system usefull even for scientific purposes?

Well, I'm aware that my posting triggers again a lot of emotional
discussions (I guess), since it did in the past. I try to evaluate the
situation from the perspective of a "user", not someone who needs to be
a Os engineer to use an OS. It is a kind of deep running frustration to
see how the next great compiler suite for scientific purpose is simply
vanishing - as it did with the NAG compilers which were offered for
freeBSD as well as other OSs at the end of 1990s. Now there is no
offering anymore.


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