system 20% busy at all times?

Eggert, Lars lars at
Tue Feb 19 13:27:48 UTC 2013


On Feb 19, 2013, at 13:37, "Eggert, Lars" <lars at> wrote:
> On Feb 19, 2013, at 13:15, Lars Engels <lars.engels at> wrote:
>> You need to recompile your Kernel to use DTrace:
> I did. But I still get that error, even with the sample from the wiki:
> # dtrace -n 'syscall:::entry { @num[execname] = count(); }'
> dtrace: invalid probe specifier syscall:::entry { @num[execname] = count(); }: "/usr/lib/dtrace/psinfo.d", line 90: failed to resolve type kernel`struct thread * for identifier curthread: Module is no longer loaded
> I cross-compile the -CURRENT world and kernel under -STABLE for netbooting. Could doing that cause this issue?

FWIW, a full buildworld/installworld of the latest -CURRENT also didn't help, the error remains.


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