7+ days of dogfood

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at bristol.ac.uk
Tue Feb 12 10:31:33 UTC 2013

	From sgk at troutmask.apl.washington.edu Sun Feb 10 19:06:10 2013

	On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 06:51:23PM +0000, Anton Shterenlikht wrote:
	> 	Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 08:44:24 -0800
	> 	From: Steve Kargl <sgk at troutmask.apl.washington.edu>
	> 	To: Boris Samorodov <bsam at passap.ru>
	> 	Subject: Re: 7+ days of dogfood
	> 	> >   FFLAGS = -O2 -pipe -march=native -mtune=native
	> 	> 
	> 	> I don't like using "=" for FLAGS at make.conf...
	> 	> 
	> 	> >   FFLAGS+= -funroll-loops -ftree-vectorize
	> 	> 
	> 	> ... as well as defaults overriding.
	> 	> 
	> 	FFLAGS are the options used while compiling Fortran.  Having
	> 	spent years contributing to and testing gfortran, I am fairly
	> 	comfortable with these options.
	> Do you recommend these FFLAGS settings to all
	> users of gfortran (via lang/gcc4x)?


	> For example, I use blas, lapack, slatec, atlas, etc.
	> Should I use these FFLAGS too?

	Without knowing what options you currently use, I cannot
	make a concrete recommendation other than I've extensive
	tested the above options with my own codes and the
	Polyhedron testsuite.  Oh, I do recommend that one should
	avoid -ffast-math (unless one really understands what it
	actually does).

You probably don't care, as you don't use ia64,
but just for the record, on ia64 r244834 with

# cat /etc/make.conf|grep FFLAGS
FFLAGS = -O2 -pipe -march=native -mtune=native
FFLAGS+= -funroll-loops -ftree-vectorize

I get building lapack:

gfortran47 -O2 -pipe -march=native -mtune=native -funroll-loops -ftree-vectorize -pg -c slatms.f -o slatms.o
gfortran47: error: unrecognized command line option '-march=native'
gfortran47: error: unrecognized argument in option '-mtune=native'
gfortran47: note: valid arguments to '-mtune=' are: itanium2 mckinley

This box is

CPU: Madison (1500 MHz Itanium 2)

so I guess I can try "-mtune=itanium2"

and probably have to drop "-march" completely.

Anyway, thank you for the recommendation.


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