7+ days of dogfood

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 19:48:45 UTC 2013

>> sgk
>> So, I decided to test FreeBSD-10 under a user desktop condition.  In
>> so doing, I upgraded the circa August 2012 FreeBSD-current that ran
>> on my Dell Latitude D530 (which ran rock-solid) to top-of-tree.  This
>> included re-installing all ports under the pkgng paradigm.

> phk
> First a hat-tip for even doing this in the first place, if more
> committers ran -current, -current would work better.

Though not making any particular suggestion, the OpenBSD folks
have gained similar benefit from eating their own dog food as well.
You can search for something like OpenBSD Release Engineering
video Theo presented where they talk about some of this eating,
why they do it, and to what result.

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