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Boris Samorodov bsam at passap.ru
Sun Feb 10 13:39:42 UTC 2013

10.02.2013 04:07, Steve Kargl пишет:

As for me I use CURRENT at my JOB for many years now.
I used to i386 but switched to amd64 at the end of 2012.
The system (both world and kernel) are updated every
week or two.

I had switched to clang very early. There were problems
with ports I used but not now: gimp, inkscape, scribus,
texlive, thunderbird, firefox, libreoffice (didn't try
the latest version, ENOTIME).

One option that I abandoned was WITH_LIBCPLUSPLUS. I tried it
last summer but the system went very unstable. Didn't have a
chance to test it since then.

One option that I use has been already mentioned -- MALLOC_PRODUCTION.

>   CPUTYPE?=core2

I never use this option. It was very long ago that I was
beaten by it, but don't like it since.

>   FFLAGS = -O2 -pipe -march=native -mtune=native

I don't like using "=" for FLAGS at make.conf...

>   FFLAGS+= -funroll-loops -ftree-vectorize

... as well as defaults overriding.

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