Intel 82574 issue reported on Slashdot

matt sendtomatt at
Sat Feb 9 20:15:10 UTC 2013

On 02/09/13 09:15, Johnny Eriksson wrote:
>> In all honesty.. The blog post (and your email) are basically
>> information free, they don't name names and provide no script
>> or downloadable code that will allow end users to check if they
>> are affected.
> A link with a little bit more information:
>> Daniel O'Connor software and network engineer
> --Johnny
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Did anyone check to see if the Intel announcement had a 2 at 0x47f? :)

I do have a machine with these controllers that had a bridge "hang" in a
very odd fashion a while back, but it didn't repeat. It wasn't a
SuperMicro board, which is what some posters were saying were affected.

I would imagine a large ping packet (as used to test MTU) should
inoculate any affected interface if issued at boot, I don't think our
padding lines up with the problem. Once an interface sees a packet with
anything else at 0x47f, it's no longer affected, so there's a narrow
window of vulnerability in affected NICs.


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