FreeBSD IEEE802.11 Mesh status update.

Monthadar Al Jaberi monthadar at
Thu Feb 7 21:45:37 UTC 2013

Hi everyone!

I am pleased to say that FreeBSD has gotten a little closer to getting
a  working IEEE802.11 Mesh.
A lot more is to be done.

Please try it out! You have to update to head revision 246520. Check
out the great wiki we have about Mesh :)

There is still a lot to be desired. Next I would like to put more
focus on the following issues:

* Wireshark validation
* Update tcpdump (A great debuggin tool!)
* Wtap mesh simulator (more usable more documentation, maybe even a wiki)
* More test cases
* More mesh stuff

People interesting in helping are always welcome.

Thnx to Alexander, Bernhard, Rui  and everyone on freebsd-git IRC channel!
And a special thnx to Adrian Chadd for being my mentor and friend.

Thnx everyone and keep up the great work on net80211!


Monthadar Al Jaberi

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