panic: LK_RETRY set with incompatible flags

Andriy Gapon avg at
Thu Feb 7 15:42:48 UTC 2013

on 07/02/2013 17:36 Sergey Kandaurov said the following:
> I tested the patch without the (*vpp != dvp) change.
> It works well.
> It's something unrelated but when doing ls -l
> on server (patched) and client (unpatched) sides,
> I found some inconsistency in returned stats.
> Or more precisely:
> NFS server
> # stat -s /pool1/user1000/.zfs/shares/..
> st_dev=2050684725 st_ino=1 st_mode=040555 st_nlink=4 st_uid=0 st_gid=0
> st_rdev=0 st_size=4 st_atime=1360251211 st_mtime=1359551493
> st_ctime=1359551493 st_birthtime=1359551493 st_blksize=4096
> st_blocks=0 st_flags=0
> NFS client
> # stat -s /home/user1000/.zfs/shares/..
> st_dev=2050684725 st_ino=7 st_mode=040555 st_nlink=2 st_uid=0 st_gid=0
> st_rdev=1377468712 st_size=2 st_atime=1360251104 st_mtime=1359551493
> st_ctime=1359551493 st_birthtime=-1 st_blksize=4096 st_blocks=3
> st_flags=0

Hmm, this looks more consistent with the earlier patch.
Are you sure that you really tested the new kernel (on the server)?

Andriy Gapon

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