Clang as default compiler November 4th

Daniel Eischen deischen at
Mon Sep 10 21:28:37 UTC 2012

On Mon, 10 Sep 2012, Brooks Davis wrote:

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> on the most relevant list.]
> For the past several years we've been working towards migrating from
> GCC to Clang/LLVM as our default compiler.  We intend to ship FreeBSD
> 10.0 with Clang as the default compiler on i386 and amd64 platforms.  To
> this end, we will make WITH_CLANG_IS_CC the default on i386 and amd64
> platforms on November 4th.
> What does the mean to you?
> * When you build world after the default is changed /usr/bin/cc, cpp, and
>   c++ will be links to clang.
> * This means the initial phase of buildworld and "old style" kernel
>   compilation will use clang instead of gcc.  This is known to work.
> * It also means that ports will build with clang by default.  A major
>   of ports work, but a significant number are broken or blocked by
>   broken ports. For more information see:
> What issues remain?
> * The gcc->clang transition currently requires setting CC, CXX, and CPP
>   in addition to WITH_CLANG_IS_CC.  I will post a patch to toolchain@
>   to address this shortly.

I assume this will be done, tested and committed before 2012-11-04
(or whenever the switchover date is).

> * Ports compiler selection infrastructure is still under development.

This should be a prerequisite before making the switch, given
that ports will be broken without a work-around for building
them with gcc.


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