Is cross-world building broken?

Garrett Cooper yanegomi at
Thu Nov 29 00:19:30 UTC 2012

On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 4:07 PM, Adrian Chadd <adrian at> wrote:
> top posting, out of laziness and busy-ness at work..
> Ok. So:
> * make installworld/installkernel/distribution - set DESTDIR on the command line
> * make buildworld/make buildkernel/make <various toolchain things> -
> don't set DESTDIR?

(re-CCing -current@)
    Correct. DESTDIR should only be used for install targets (install,
installworld, installkernel, distribution, etc), and not for any of
the other build-related targets on FreeBSD. [as the meme goes] "If you
set DESTDIR when building, you're gonna have a bad time".

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