current sluggish under load in the last few weeks

Andriy Gapon avg at
Thu Nov 22 09:28:30 UTC 2012

on 22/11/2012 05:46 Steve Wills said the following:
> Hi All,
> Has something changed in the scheduler recently? I don't have anything
> concrete,

I'd recommend getting something concrete first.
Like doing some profiling.
Or obtaining some ktr(4) traces that could be used with schedgraph.

> just anecdotal evidence, but my current desktop feels a little
> less responsive under heavy CPU load than it did a few weeks ago.
> Usually my high CPU processes (builds) are nice'd, but even with that,
> thing still get kinda sluggish, for example the mouse pointer will take
> it's time responding. Didn't do that a few weeks back. Wondering if it's
> just me?

Andriy Gapon

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