-Current built with clang as default + ports

Steve Wills swills at FreeBSD.org
Thu Nov 22 03:31:34 UTC 2012

On 11/13/12 18:51, AN wrote:
> Can anyone comment on current built with clang as default compiler and
> ports?  Are there any major problems, programs that don't run? 
> Specifically, I am interested in how Gnome and Xorg (Gnome and Xorg
> built with default system gcc) work on world built with clang.

I can't comment on Gnome, but I run current on my desktop and use KDE4.
I had to patch a few ports to build. Those patches have been sent in as PRs.

Overall, the switch to ports built with clang was amazingly uneventful.
So far, I haven't noticed anything that built but didn't work properly.

> I believe the work around for ports that don't build with clang is to
> put USE_GCC=4.7+ in the port makefile, is this correct?  Any comments
> would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

A good bit of fixing for clang has already been done. I was able to fix
pretty much everything I encountered that didn't build with clang, so
didn't have to set USE_GCC anywhere, but it's there as a "last resort."

Of course, those are just my experiences, YMMV.


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