Upgrading FreeBSD to use the NEW pf syntax. (Copied from freebsd-pf)

Paul Webster paul.g.webster at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 20 02:30:56 UTC 2012

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I sent this to freebsd-pf originally and did not CC -current, but as the  
issue would affect current and the more opinions the better... I have sent  
it here too.

-- Cheers, daemon

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Good day all,

I am aware this is a much discussed subject since the upgrade of PF, I
believe the final decision was that to many users are used to the old
style pf and an upgrade to the new syntax would cause to much confusion.

There was a recent debate on ##freebsd about this issue and I was inclined
to mail in and get your opinions; basically it boiled down to the majority
of users wanting either:

1) To move to the newer pf and just add to releases notes what had
2) my own personal opinion: creating 'pf2-*' as a kernel option tree,
basically using the newer pf syntax and allowing users to choose.

I would be interested to know the feedback from you guys as to be honest
there seems to be quite a few users who actually DO want the new style
format and functionality that comes with.

I Attached the log of the conversation just for reference.

-- Thank you for your time
-- Paul G Webster 'daemon'
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