Tons of "sa6_recoverscope: assumption failure" on recent -current

Hiroki Sato hrs at
Mon Nov 19 08:00:30 UTC 2012

Andrey Chernov <ache at> wrote
  in <50A88D0E.1070301 at>:

ac> On every IPv6 address of my card and router and every broadcast and
ac> link-local scope addresses I see now:
ac> kernel: sa6_recoverscope: assumption failure (non 0 ID): <ipv6 address>
ac> What does it mean and why there are so many of them? I have plain local
ac> net with IPv6 router, nothing unusual.
ac> IPv6 continues to work despite of those failures.

René Ladan <rene at> wrote
  in <50A9E4D1.8000701 at>:

re> I'm also seeing them when using a teredo-tunnel over an IPv4 router,
re> r243234-amd64

 This warning message itself is not harmful actually, but my commit
 triggered it.  It should be fixed at r243235.  Can you let me know if
 this problem persists even at this revision or later?  Thank you.

-- Hiroki
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