pw keeps setting /etc/group to 0600

Ryan Stone rysto32 at
Sat Nov 17 16:20:22 UTC 2012

Wow.  So apparently things are even more broken than I though.  Let's play,
"What group am I in?"

root at group-testing:/usr/home/rstone # cd /tmp
root at group-testing:/tmp # pw groupadd testing
root at group-testing:/tmp # mkdir testdir
root at group-testing:/tmp # chown root:testing testdir/
root at group-testing:/tmp # chmod g+rwx testdir/
root at group-testing:/tmp # pw usermod
root at group-testing:/tmp # pw groupmod testing -m rstone
root at group-testing:/tmp # id rstone
uid=1001(rstone) gid=1001(rstone) groups=1001(rstone),0(wheel),1002(testing)
root at group-testing:/tmp # exit
$ id
uid=1001(rstone) gid=1001 groups=1001,0
$ id rstone
uid=1001(rstone) gid=1001 groups=1001
$ touch /tmp/testdir/testfile
touch: /tmp/testdir/testfile: Permission denied
$ ls -ld /tmp/testdir/
drwxrwxr-x  2 root  1002  512 Nov 17 11:07 /tmp/testdir/

My original complaint that /etc/group gets permissions of 0600 is a result
of a bug in libutil, which bapt@ ported pw to use in r242349.  The new
group manipulation API using mktemp to create a temporary file, writes the
new group database to the temp file and then renames the temp file to
/etc/group.  The problem here is that mktemp creates a file with a mode of
600, and libutil never chmods it.  That should be pretty trivial to fix.  I
have no idea what's happening in my example above, though.  Baptiste, I
have to ask: how much testing did r242349 receive before it was committed?

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