compiler info in kernel identification string

David Chisnall theraven at
Fri Nov 16 16:29:46 UTC 2012

On 16 Nov 2012, at 07:41, Dimitry Andric wrote:

> And regarding clang, I don't have the time to implement this very soon,
> and I doubt it is very high on the bug priority list with upstream
> either.  They just branched for the 3.2 release, and they are much
> busier squashing bugs now. :)

Implementing this looks pretty trivial - just add a module-level inline assembly block into the IR for each compilation unit.  Most of the code required in clang will be to provide the command-line flag for turning it off.

If we want this, I probably have time to implement it next week, and we can pull it into the FreeBSD version of clang immediately.


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