[ solved ]: Too many dynamic rules

Darrel levitch at iglou.com
Tue Nov 13 15:54:45 UTC 2012

>> Today I booted r242670 from the console and noticed an error.  This
>> is one line from the end of dmesg:
>> ipfw: ipfw_install_state: Too many dynamic rules
>> The ruleset has always been dynamic and has no additional rules.
>> Search engines produced similar error messages, but no information
>> that seems to be the correct solution.
>> I have a basically identical ruleset on fbsd91 and no error message.
> That means that the dynamic rules generated by the keep-state keyword hit
> the currently-confgured limit.  If you get hit with a lot of random traffic
> that matches a keep-state rule, you'll get that message.  It's not the rules
> themselves that cause this, it's the traffic.

That makes sense.  Recently I began to run an ntp server there.

> Run "sysctl net.inet.ip.fw.dyn_max net.inet.ip.fw.dyn_count" and compare the
> two values.  If count is near to dyn_max, you can simply raise dyn_max.
> It's a writeable sysctl.  I set it to 65535 on my systems in
> /etc/sysctl.conf with no apparent ill effects.

This is just an internal server, so at first will try an increment:


Thank you,

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