sysutils/lsof author: API work?

Larry Rosenman ler at
Fri Nov 9 01:01:05 UTC 2012

Continuing from my thread with clang questions from Vic Abell 
<abe at> for lsof:


Thanks for forwarding the comments.  I would be happy
to engage anyone interested in improving lsof's interface
to FreeBSD.   After having participated in three previous
efforts -- HP-UX, Linux and MacOS X -- I think I know the
pros and cons of kernel dumpster diving versus an API.
It's not at all clear to me which approach is the best.

As for the mistaken comment about VOP_WRITE (It was
VOP_UNLOCK) -- the reason I needed to know is that clang
objected to some of the ZFS header files that used that
macro/function without any pre-definition of it.  My
hunch is that will be true of the standard FreeBSD
modules that se VOP_UNLOCK if they were to be compiled
with clang.

So, see if anyone wants to step up and work with me on
an lsof API.



Does anyone want to work with Vic?

(I can supply a -CURRENT test box that I keep up-to-date).

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