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Thu Nov 8 22:41:15 UTC 2012

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On Thursday,  8 November 2012 at  9:23:11 -0600, Larry Rosenman wrote:
> On 2012-11-08 09:20, Edward Tomasz Napiera??a wrote:
>> Wiadomo???? napisana przez Andriy Gapon w dniu 8 lis 2012, o godz. 15:17:
>>> Just curious why lsof can't use interfaces that e.g.
>>> fstat/sockstat/etc use?  Those base utilities do not seem to
>>> experience as much trouble as lsof.
>> Note that fstat(8) does not report file paths. On the other hand,
>> procstat(8) does.  It looks like "procstat -fa" and "procstat -va"
>> together provide the same information lsof(8) does; unfortunately
>> there doesn't seem to be a way to show a "merged" output for files
>> opened (-f) and files mmapped, but closed (-v).

Hmm.  I don't know the details, but potentially there *would* be a
more kosher way of doing what lsof wants.

> Remember also that lsof is portable between MANY flavors of *nix.

Only because the author goes to a lot of effort to make it so.
There's special-case code for most kernels.  In the case of FreeBSD,
it would make sense to use documented interfaces where possible, and
create them where they don't exist.

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