HEADS UP: Clang now the default on x86

Niclas Zeising zeising at daemonic.se
Tue Nov 6 14:10:40 UTC 2012

On 11/06/12 14:26, Fabien Thomas wrote:
> Le 5 nov. 2012 à 20:52, Brooks Davis a écrit :
>> I've made clang the default on x86 systems.  There will probably be a
>> few bumps as we work out the last kinks including a ABI issue for i386
>> system libraries, but the transition is expected to be fairly smooth for
>> most users.
>> Please report problems on freebsd-current or freebsd-toolchain.
> Great to see that happening!
> I've started rebuilding in a VM with 1Gb memory and buildworld failed because
> no memory was available for the compiler (c++). It seems that Clang use a lot more memory?
> Do you have a minimum required memory size to finish a buildworld (amd64).
> Fabien

I have no trouble doing a -j8 build with 2GB memory, so 1GB should work 
fine, unless you spawn a lot of parallel builds or do a lot of other 
stuff at the same time.
Niclas Zeising

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