Do we have a CPUTYPE=native and/or generic stability problem?

Olivier Smedts olivier at
Mon Nov 5 09:38:03 UTC 2012

Le dimanche 4 novembre 2012, Alexander Leidinger a écrit :
> The machine has 12 MB RAM (no swap configured), after nearly a day
> uptime it looks like this:
> ---snip---
> Mem: 348M Active, 599M Inact, 9281M Wired, 264K Cache, 1548M Free
> ARC: 7117M Total, 1607M MRU, 3996M MFU, 934K Anon, 208M Header, 1307M Other
> ---snip---
> I would not expect an internal compiler error when I run out of RAM.

Not related, but I think you should configure

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