weird network problems on current since 10/28/2012

Andreas Tobler andreast-list at
Sun Nov 4 23:28:11 UTC 2012

On 04.11.12 22:57, Andre Oppermann wrote:
> On 04.11.2012 21:15, Andreas Tobler wrote:
>> On 04.11.12 14:57, Andre Oppermann wrote:
>>> On 04.11.2012 13:11, Kim Culhan wrote:
>>>> On Sun, November 4, 2012 6:21 am, Dimitry Andric wrote:
>>>>> On 2012-11-04 02:13, Manfred Antar wrote:
>>>>>> At 03:29 PM 11/3/2012, Adrian Chadd wrote:
>>>>> After the commit, there was a small discussion thread on svn-src-head@
>>>>> about the possible problems with the approach.  Maybe you are
>>>>> experiencing those?
>>>>> As the commit message says, you should be able to turn the feature off
>>>>> using:
>>>>>      sysctl net.inet.tcp.experimental.initcwnd10=0
>>>>> Can you please try that, and see if the problems go away?
>>>> FWIW this did not make the problem go away on 2 machines.
>>> Yes, this very much looks like the same problem as in PR/173309.
>>> Please try the attached patch.  It fixes the connection hang issue.
>>> There may be a second issue I debugging currently base on the feedback
>>> from Fabian Keil.
>> I jump into this thread since I have a similar network issue.
>> My scenario:
>> 'make installkernel DESTDIR=/netboot/test' to a nfs mounted drive.
>> The nfs drive on the server is an ufs fs. No zfs.
>> Up to r242261 I can install the kernel (or world) in a fluent way to the
>> nfs destination.
>> >From r242262 it doesn't work smooth. I have stalls, sometimes my
>> patience is not enough and I kill the process.
>> I tried 242266 with the above mentioned patch. No real success.
>> How can I help/test?
> Please try the attach patch instead of the above mentioned one.

Test run based on 242266. It starts much smoother. But it stalls later
on. Continues, stalls for several seconds, cont.....

thx so far.


1391  0  D+   0:00.00 install -o root -g wheel -m 555 crypto.ko

procstat -kk 1391
  PID    TID COMM             TDNAME           KSTACK
 1391 100099 install          -                mi_switch+0x186
sleepq_timedwait+0x42 _sleep+0x1c9 clnt_vc_call+0x763
clnt_reconnect_call+0xfb newnfs_request+0xadb nfscl_request+0x72
nfsrpc_setattr+0x28f nfs_setattr+0x2b0 VOP_SETATTR_APV+0x31
setfmode+0x101 vn_chmod+0x8a sys_fchmod+0x8b amd64_syscall+0x55f

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