November 5th is Clang-Day

David Naylor naylor.b.david at
Sun Nov 4 12:42:30 UTC 2012

On Saturday, 3 November 2012 23:47:54 Jan Beich wrote:
> David Naylor <naylor.b.david at> writes:
> > There are two issues here: 1) wine compiled with clang, and 2) wine
> > (compiled with gcc) running on clang compiled base.
> > 
> > Regarding 1), according to the wiki [1], wine does have stack alignment
> > issues and some wine programs do not run when compiled with clang [2][3]
> > and other bugs with clang cause freezing within wine [4][5].  The
> > impression I get is that, using the work-a-round of stack realignment,
> > wine does work to some extent when compiled by clang.
> Took me some time but now I can confirm that clang-built wine-1.5.16
> works fine for me with gcc-built lib32 (i.e. + /usr/lib32).
> > Regarding 2) (which I believe Jan was referring to), when I have a gcc
> > built world and just replace lib32 with clang built libraries I have
> > winecfg and regedit launching but displaying black screens.  Switching
> > back to gcc built lib32 I get a working winecfg and regedit.  This, to
> > me, indicates a clang error somewhere.
> My experience varies between clang-built and gcc-built wine.
>   # clang, quick crash
>   # gcc, black rectangle
> So, why not switch stack alignment in wine (upstream)? This would make
> /stable/9 wine package continue to work on /head.
> Here's my wine package built with and without the patch.
> # sha256: cef5e543a5c534acb7237634224561863122ab3c256df319c6428856266d79fd
> # sha256: 68e402bf7cb39ea48b9bef7772422cf476e89b214fd3b98ced37e0068f588c6c

I tried building (using gcc) wine with your patch and now (at least) winecfg 
and regedit work with a clang built lib32.  I'll email Gerald (wine's 
maintainer) about including your patch in wine.  

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