r2421600 amd64 /var/db/pkg

Darrel levitch at iglou.com
Sun Nov 4 00:37:57 UTC 2012

>> Is it possible to regenerate the package database or somehow start over? I
>> am seeing errors like these:
>> pkg_info: Don't use the pkg_ tools if you are using pkgng
>> pkg_info: the package info for package 'ca_root_nss-3.14' is corrupt
> have you run ever run pkg2ng ?

Hi, Eitan.

It could be that I had a case of bad luck.  About an hour before the 
documentation was put into /usr/ports/UPDATING, I noticed that portmaster 
was not working and 'make deinstall' and 'make reinstall' and ticked 
'pkgng'.  Then portmaster seemed to work alright.

Then when the UPDATING entry 20121010 happened shortly after, I followed 
it exactly- so yes I ran pkg2ng.  Somehow my installation has both 
portmaster-3.14 *and* portmaster-3.14_7 installed.  Perhaps my portmaster 
upgrade prior to following the UPDATING entry 20121010 broke something.

I can guess that my database is messed up.

Thanks for your reply,

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