r2421600 amd64 /var/db/pkg

Darrel levitch at iglou.com
Sat Nov 3 22:16:25 UTC 2012

>       Is it possible to regenerate the package database or somehow
>       start over? I am seeing errors like these:
>       pkg_info: Don't use the pkg_ tools if you are using pkgng
>       pkg_info: the package info for package 'ca_root_nss-3.14' is
>       corrupt
>     If you still have the binaries sitting in the port work directory, you
> could do make reinstall. There are other means to do this (make fake-pkg),
> but make reinstall is probably the quickest way..

Appears that all of the work is gone.  At second glance, it seems that the 
problem may stem from portmaster-3.14 *and* portmaster-3.14_7 existing in 

I might need to just reduce that machine to a file server until there is 
time to do something new with it.

Thank you,

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