CURRENT: buildworld fails

山谷崇史 yamayan at
Tue May 29 05:58:49 UTC 2012

I think My message was replied to O. Hartmann.
but, I forgot to send to him.

Older(about May 15) sort does not work correctly.
buildworld log has many many error message.

sort: No such file or directory

I think sort is used to merge same symbols into unique.
but, because the older sort is broken, libraries have same symbols.
So, linker command failed with multiple definition error.

Newer sort (submitted by you) works correctly.
buildworld is passed without error.

2012/5/29 Oleg Moskalenko <oleg.moskalenko at>:
> So, the newer sort works fine, and the older sort does not work ? Did I get your correctly ?
> Thanks
> Oleg
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>> I had same problem, but I resolved it.
>> Maybe, your sort (/usr/bin/sort) is broken.
>> cd /usr/src
>> make update
>> cd usr.bin/sort
>> make obj depend all install
>> Then, sort is changed.
>> make cleandir cleandir
>> make buildworld
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