OptionalObsoleteFiles.inc completeness

Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at amdmi3.ru
Mon May 28 22:18:29 UTC 2012

* Peter Jeremy (peter at rulingia.com) wrote:

> >> >2) Is this ok to backport the list from current to stable branches? Pro
> >> >- it's really simple, con - it will contain files never installed with
> >> >this (old) branch.
> >> 
> >> Another con:  "make delete-old" on -current takes about 2 orders of
> >> magnitude longer to run than on 8.x.  I would prefer to see some
> >> effort put into speeding it up before it was backported.
> >
> >Is that really a reason while it is still under 4 seconds and is not
> >usually run more often than updates (which take minutes if not hours)?
> My experience is that it now takes about 2½ minutes on 10.x with warm
> caches, compared to less than 1 second on 8.x.

Now = after applying my patch or after changing system? Which knobs
were enabled?

OptionalObsoleteFiles.inc is 3x larger after the patch - it's expected
for things to become 3x slower, but definitely not 250x.

> For most of that time, there's no output and there's no warning
> of the increased time. I actually wrote about the poor performance
> here a couple of weeks ago.

Then you should try to profile it - my script basically runs
delete-old delete-old-libs for every knob (131 of them), and it
hadn't taken more than 4 seconds even once.

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