KDE 3.5.10 && 10-CURRENT r235646 (May 19)

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Sat May 26 08:36:32 UTC 2012


The Good message first: KDE 3.5.10 compiles clean in 10-CURRENT; thanks!

With a recent 10-CURRENT and clean ports from CVS (both from May 19) I
encounter some crashes on KDE start or stop; there are messages from

Warning: kbuildsycoca is unable to register with DCOP.
kbuildsycoca running...
kbuildsycoca running...
Reusing existing ksycoca
startkde: Starting up...
kbuildsycoca running...
>> running as realtime process now (priority 15)
kdecore (KProcess): WARNING: Can't open a pseudo teletype
QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket specified
QSocketNotifier: Socket descriptor too large for select()
QSocketNotifier: Internal error
kbuildsycoca running...
Reusing existing ksycoca

and on KDE exit it says:

Segmentation fault (core dumped)
startkde: Shutting down...
startkde: Running shutdown scripts...
startkde: Done.

and a file dcop.core is written;

What does this mean?



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