Please test: IPv6 offload support in HEAD + patch for stable/9

Bjoern A. Zeeb bz at
Fri May 25 16:55:38 UTC 2012


last night I pushed in the essential offloading support changes for IPv6
along with quite a bit of other "noise" into HEAD.  There is more locking
improvements etc. to come once I have looped things back to my working tree
and Michael Tuexen will improve SCTP/v6 on loopback as well soonish.

This is a call for testing.  The in-tree cxgb(4) and ixgbe(4) drivers
have been updated to make use of the new features (TSO6/LRO6), and more
drivers will follow (I already have cxgbe done, talking about mxge, ..)
but others  should also see improvements for at least upper layer protocol
checksum calculations and I'd love people to test with as many drivers as
possible, as I plan to merge it for the upcoming 9.1-RELEASE cycle and
wouldn't want to ship broken IPv6 in a few months;-)

Here's the patch that should just apply to stable/9 matching what I put into
HEAD (+ an earlier cxgb change) (untested):

If you need a patch for a specific release please drop me a private email
and I'll try to publish one (8.2 and up only though most likely).

Please test and report to me or net at .


PS: we now also disallow LRO automatically if forwarding is turned on, just
in case you wonder; a change that should have been done years ago;-)

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