FreeBSD 10 prognostication...

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Wed May 23 15:20:30 UTC 2012

.. then:

* test out pkgng on FreeBSD-9.x and provide as much feedback as you can;
* help test out massive deployment, upgrade and auditing scenarios -
exactly the kinds of things which cloud using people need. Installing
10000 boxes is difficult. Auditing, upgrading and integrating services
on 10,000 boxes.. much more difficult.
* help out with the cloud provision-y service things that FreeBSD is
missing - for example, get the vmware vmdk installer stuff be part of
the install/release system - so people _can_ easily build FreeBSD
VMDK's as appliance/cloud images.
* integrate it with Puppet and other
configuration/monitoring/management frameworks. Upgrade that
integration to whatever counts as Tier-1 in those projects. I bet they
focus on Linux only.

There's a whole lot of useful work that doesn't at all leave the
userland. If you'd like to see FreeBSD in "the cloud", these are the
things you need to address.


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