[CFT] SMP/i386 suspend/resume

Mitsuru IWASAKI iwasaki at jp.FreeBSD.org
Wed May 16 02:31:34 UTC 2012


> First of all, thank you very much for your work!  I wanted to do it
> for very long time but I had no time to actually implement it. :-)

Welcome!  I also wanted to do this for very long time but I had no
time and test machines ;)
Recently I got Core Duo (Thinkpad X60) and Core 2 Duo (X61) machines.
I have some more ideas on wakecode but I'm not sure whether it is possible
for now.  I'll propose it when it is ready.

> I know for sure it is not related to your patches.  In fact, we cannot
> resume most NVIDIA controllers without NVIDIA kernel driver + binary
> X.org driver + VT switching hack (i.e.,

Hmm, my knowledge on recent hardware is very poor, so your comments
are very helpful to catch up.  Thanks.

> > We can improve video initialization on another opportunity. Linux
> > have many video hacks while we have only hw.acpi.reset_video ;)
> FYI, we don't need hw.acpi.reset_video any more (and it is even
> harmful).  It is done from vesa.ko now.

Yeah, I thought that we need INT10 to set video mode again in
realmode, but found it can be done in protected mode with
x86bios_intr(), great!

Anyway, thanks for many things!

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