[CFT] SMP/i386 suspend/resume

Peter Jeremy peter at rulingia.com
Tue May 15 07:30:20 UTC 2012

I wrote:
>> Thank you for that.  Since I was in the process of upgrading my
>> netbook (Acer Aspire One AOA-110 - Atom N270), I rolled your RELENG_8
>> patch on top of r235229.
>> Unfortunately, the result hasn't been a complete success.

On 2012-May-13 22:53:28 +0900, Mitsuru IWASAKI <iwasaki at jp.FreeBSD.org> wrote:
>I think graphic driver (or pic?) has some problems on resume and they
>are out of scope of my patches.
>HEAD and RELENG_9 have better support on interrupt re-enabling than
>RELENG_8 I think.  Could you try them?
>And for ps/2 mouse, kernel option PSM_HOOKRESUME and PSM_RESETAFTERSUSPEND
>would be useful.

I've tried stable/9 r235399 with your patches as well as
PSM_HOOKRESUME and PSM_RESETAFTERSUSPEND and suspend/resume now works
(for the first time) from VTY.  I haven't tried suspending directly
from X but expect that is still broken.  Thank you very much.

Peter Jeremy
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