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Ganael LAPLANCHE martymac at FreeBSD.org
Wed May 9 07:14:38 UTC 2012

On Fri, 04 May 2012 14:29:32 -0700, matt wrote

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your answer.

> Try setting hw.pci.do_power_resume=0 and 
> hw.pci.do_power_suspend=0 in sysctl.conf
> If that doesn't work for you try setting each to one 
> separately, and together if all fails.
> Also try setting resume beep and see whether it's getting that 
> far (debug.acpi.resume_beep=1).

I've had no time to test settings separately, but setting both sysctls
leads to the same issue as you : a modem-like beep at resume time :/

Also, I sometimes get a black screen when rebooting into the kernel I
have which is known to work (graphics + 3D accel + suspend/resume).
Quite strange, it persists at reboot. The only way I have found is
remove the battery and wait a few hours to be able to start X again...

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