[HEADS-UP] BSD sort coming to -CURRENT

Oleg Moskalenko oleg.moskalenko at citrix.com
Tue May 8 22:13:26 UTC 2012

Thank you, Michael. We will check this.


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Gabor Kovesdan wrote:
> Oleg Moskalenko has been working very hard on BSD sort and by now we 
> think it is compatible with the base version (and has even more 
> features, the ideas mostly taken from the latest GNU sort) and it is 
> efficient. I just updated the textproc/bsdsort port to the latest 
> version so that people can test it and I plan to commit it to HEAD in 
> some days, for now installed as "bsdsort", leaving GNU sort the default 
> version. If someone has any objection, please raise it now. Future plans 
> are to switch the logic and make BSD sort default once it has undergone 
> enough testing and finally drop GNU sort permanently if no problems appear.

BSD sort doesn't work with ports/textproc/ispell, it stops with
   sort: invalid option -- 1

% uname -a
FreeBSD pumpkin.fth-devel.net 9.0-STABLE FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE #0: Fri May  4 15:34:58 CEST 2012     root at pumpkin.fth-devel.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/PUMPKIN  i386

% ls -lF /usr/bin/*sort*
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel     13 May  8 22:15 /usr/bin/bsdsort@ -> /usr/bin/sort
-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  65416 May  8 22:15 /usr/bin/gnusort*
-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  49280 May  8 22:15 /usr/bin/sort*
-r-xr-xr-x  1 root  wheel   7276 May  4 15:46 /usr/bin/tsort*

# cd /usr/ports/textproc/ispell && make

./ispell -v | sed -e 1q
@(#) International Ispell Version 3.3.02 12 Jun 2005
. ./config.sh;  set +vx;  sed  -e "s@!!BAKEXT!!@$BAKEXT at g"  -e "s@!!COUNTSUFFIX!!@$COUNTSUFFIX at g"  -e "s@!!DEFHASH!!@$DEFHASH@" -e "s@!!DEFLANG!!@$DEFLANG@"  -e "s@!!HASHSUFFIX!!@$HASHSUFFIX at g"  -e "s@!!LIBDIR!!@$LIBDIR@" -e "s@!!DEFDICT!!@$DEFDICT@"  -e "s@!!LOOK_XREF!!@$LOOK_XREF at g"  -e "s@!!MAN45SECT!!@$MAN45SECT at g"  -e "s@!!POUNDBANG!!@$POUNDBANG at g"  -e "s@!!SPELL_XREF!!@$SPELL_XREF at g"  -e "s@!!STATSUFFIX!!@$STATSUFFIX at g"  -e "s@!!TIB_XREF!!@$TIB_XREF at g"  -e "s@!!WORDS!!@$WORDS at g"  $SORTTMP < ispell.1X > ispell.1
. ./config.sh;  set +vx;  sed  -e "s@!!BAKEXT!!@$BAKEXT at g"  -e "s@!!COUNTSUFFIX!!@$COUNTSUFFIX at g"  -e "s@!!DEFHASH!!@$DEFHASH@" -e "s@!!DEFLANG!!@$DEFLANG@"  -e "s@!!HASHSUFFIX!!@$HASHSUFFIX at g"  -e "s@!!LIBDIR!!@$LIBDIR@" -e "s@!!DEFDICT!!@$DEFDICT@"  -e "s@!!LOOK_XREF!!@$LOOK_XREF at g"  -e "s@!!MAN45SECT!!@$MAN45SECT at g"  -e "s@!!POUNDBANG!!@$POUNDBANG at g"  -e "s@!!SPELL_XREF!!@$SPELL_XREF at g"  -e "s@!!STATSUFFIX!!@$STATSUFFIX at g"  -e "s@!!TIB_XREF!!@$TIB_XREF at g"  -e "s@!!WORDS!!@$WORDS at g"  $SORTTMP < ispell.5X > ispell.5
make LANGUAGE_TARGET=all SHELLDEBUG=+vx language-subdirs
+ cd languages/american
+ eval make BUILD=build DBUILD=build CBUILD=build SHELLDEBUG=+vx ' '\''MASTERDICTS=american.med+'\'' '\''HASHFILES=americanmed+.hash'\'' '\''EXTRADICT=/usr/share/dict/words'\' all
+ make BUILD=build DBUILD=build CBUILD=build SHELLDEBUG=+vx MASTERDICTS=american.med+ HASHFILES=americanmed+.hash EXTRADICT=/usr/share/dict/words all
rm -f english.[0-3] american.[0-2] altamer.[012] british.[012]
make -f ../english/Makefile 'DBUILD=' VARIANTS=american  'EXTRADICT=/usr/share/dict/words' 'SHELLDEBUG=+vx'  'AFFIXES=../english/english.aff'  english.med+
+ PATH=../..:/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/root/bin
+ export PATH
+ ../../munchlist -v -l ../english/english.aff /usr/share/dict/words english.0 english.1 american.0 american.1
Collecting input.
sort: invalid option -- 1
Usage: sort [-bcCdfigMmnrsuz] [-kPOS1[,POS2] ... ] [+POS1 [-POS2]] [-S memsize] [-T tmpdir] [-t separator] [-o outfile] [--batch-size size] [--files0-from file] [--heapsort] [--mergesort] [--radixsort] [--qsort] [--nthreads thread_no] [--human-numeric-sort] [--version-sort] [--random-sort [--random-source file]] [--compress-program program] [file ...]

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