make installworld fails

Tim Kientzle tim at
Fri May 4 03:50:12 UTC 2012

On May 3, 2012, at 1:34 PM, AN wrote:

> Thu May  3 16:25:27 EDT 2012
> FreeBSD FBSD10 10.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT #13 r234872: Tue May  1 13:09:55 EDT 2012     root at FBSD10:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/MYKERNEL  amd64
> # svn up
> Updated to revision 234981
> I did build world/kernel, after booting into single user mode and trying make installworld I get the following error:
> /usr/src/Makefile Line:219 check date and time
> I have seen this failure before, previously I was able to open the make file and comment out the date and time check, but this time the file seems corrupted, I am not able to open the file in vi.
> What causes this check to fail?  Is there any way to detect this possibility before rebboting to single user?

Try looking very critically at the system date and time:
 $ date

This check is comparing the system time to the timestamps of
the files on disks to try to detect whether your system clock
is correct.  Since the 'make' program relies on comparing timestamps,
you can get very strange results if your system clock is not consistent.

You can use the date utility to set the system clock to
the approximately correct time (it doesn't need to be very
exact).  If you have networking, you can use "ntpdate"
to set the clock from the network.


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