jid and jname are numberic by default why? Can we change it ?

Matt Mullins mokomull at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 20:36:21 UTC 2012

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 9:08 AM, Philip M. Gollucci <pgollucci at gmail.com> wrote:
> All,
> $ jls -nq | tail -1 | xargs -n1 | egrep '^(name|jid)='| xargs
> jid=17 name=17
> # jubilee/chef
> jail_jubilee_hostname="jubilee.dca1.rws"
> jail_jubilee_ip=""
> jail_jubilee_ip_multi0=""
> jail_jubilee_interface="bge1"
> jail_jubilee_rootdir="/jubilee"
> jail_jubilee_devfs_enable="YES"

The default flags that /etc/rc.d/jail passes to jail(8) are "-l -U
root".  Failing to give jail(8) a name results in name==jid, as you
found above.

You can make the rc script name the jail by setting:
jail_jubilee_flags="-n jubilee -l -U root"

Notice the rc script uses the second form of syntax listed in jail(8),
at least on 9.0-RELEASE.
Matt Mullins

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