amd: is there an alternative with NFSv4 capabilities?

Hans Ottevanger hans at
Mon Jan 23 09:22:04 UTC 2012

On 01/21/12 03:35, Rick Macklem wrote:
> O. Hartmann wrote:
>> Hello.
>> I still use the amd automounter, but I miss NFSv4 capabilities. Since
>> Linux seems to use a more deep in the kernel located facility, I'd
>> like
>> to ask whether FreeBSd has an alternative to the amd automounter with
>> NFSv4 capabilities. Sorry if I bother someone, I'm not aware of an
>> alternative and it maybe the case that I'm stuck with the amd ...
>> Cheers,
>> Oliver
> I'm not aware of anything, but maybe someone else knows of an alternative?
> On my "maybe it would be nice" list (not my "to do" list, because I'll never
> get around to it) was to look at the Solaris' AutoFS. I believe Apple
> switched to it and has found it worked well in Mac OSX. I suspect that there
> are OpenSolaris sources for it out there under the CDDL, but I haven't even
> checked that.
> So, if anyone is looking for an interesting project, this might be a nice one.
> (I could probably provide some help with it, if someone took it on.)

AutoFS for FreeBSD was the topic of a GSoC 2006 project and results seem 
to be presented at BSDCan 2007, see:

(The presentation has a .ppt extension, but is actually a pdf).

Despite plans, to my knowledge nothing ever happened with the results. 
As far as I remember, the code is viewable in Perforce, but not (easily) 
down loadable by mere mortals, and probably quite stale by now.

I concur that having a real AutoFS, integrated with NFSv4 and fully 
inter operable with Linux and Solaris (and Mac OS-X ?) would be really 
nice to have, especially for scientific and engineering environments.

Kind regards,

Hans Ottevanger

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