FS hang when creating snapshots on a UFS SU+J setup

Dale Scott dalescott at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 20 15:31:29 UTC 2012

> First step in debugging is to find out if the problem is SU+J

> specific. To find out, turn off SU+J but leave SU. This change

> is done by running:


>             umount <filesystem>

>             tunefs -j disable <filesystem>

>             mount <filesystem>

>             cd <filesystem>

>             rm .sujournal


Success! Thanks Mr. McKusick.


I posted having this problem to the FreeBSD forum
http://forums.freebsd.org/showthread.php?t=25787, but wanted to emphasize
that in two VirtualBox VMs that were created in exactly the same way, the
dump issue didn't occur in the absolutely fresh FreeBSD-9.0 install (not
even portsnap yet), but it did occur in the system I had installed some
ports on (an Apache/MySQL/Python stack, a few additional GNU build tools,
and some other miscellaneous ports). I don't know if this means anything,
just hoping it might help - presumably SU+J would be a good thing.  ;)




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