Google Code-In 2011 is over; 56 tasks got completed for FreeBSD!

Wojciech A. Koszek wkoszek at
Thu Jan 19 06:40:40 UTC 2012


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I am glad to announce that we've successfully reached the end of Google
Code-In 2011 Contest!

FreeBSD participated first time, and in my personal opinion GCIN has proven
to be a big success. I want to thank all the participants for their time,
cooperation and dedication.

Here's the list of this years participants:

	Alex Rucker, Andrey Sinitsyn, Anikan, Astha Sethi, Bebacz, 
	Bharath Mohan, doctorkohaku, Eric Newberry, GarrettF,
	Isabell Long (issyl0), mpaloski, Violet Lin (n00l3), Nagato Yuki,
	Nathan, passstab, Reid Anderson, Robin, Roger, Rushil Paul,
	Thomas Turney, Utkarsh Pant, Zacharias Mitzelos 

I would like to point out Isabell Long (issyl0) completed 13 tasks for us
and holds this years record.

Some other numbers...

We've had 19 mentors. I send special thanks to those who offered their help
in mentoring/administration, since accepting/reviewing/judging tasks has
proven to be challenging.

We've had 78 tasks published. 56 tasks got completed, leading to ~72%
successful completions.

1 task was claimed at the time of hitting the deadline, 10 tasks were
claimed, but never  finished, thus got reopened. 12 of tasks were never
claimed. List of tasks, together with their outcome (uploaded results)
are present here:

It would be my wish to have the work done in GCIN commited to FreeBSD with:

	Submitted by:	Name <email> (Google Code-In 2011)

header or similar, clearly stating work comes from GCIN 2011.

The hardest expectations for mentors was short response time. For students
I think it was meeting FreeBSD's standards, however I'm positively surprised
by the quality of submitted work.

The complaint which I've heard is: "Not enough coding tasks". We should fix
it next time, since most of the tasks were related with documentation and

I think GCIN should become an integral part of the FreeBSD involvement in
promotion of the Open Source software.

Thank you.

Wojciech A. Koszek
wkoszek at

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