WTF mergemaster VCS Id checking?

deeptech71 at deeptech71 at
Mon Jan 16 07:57:41 UTC 2012

Every time I run mergemaster, I have to manually confirm all of the
local changes I have done to /etc (ie., state how to merge the
temporary and existing files), even files have not changed in the
upstream since the last mergemaster run (for example,
temproot/etc/master.passwd virtually never changes). This behaviour is
annoying, but I've already gotten used to it, and thought that it's
the preferred one, to force a system administrator to review,
periodically, all changes in /etc.

I was surprized that today, mergemaster did not mention one of my
changes in /etc:
*** Temp ./etc/rc.d/bgfsck and installed have the same CVS Id, deleting

So it now seems that it actually is intended for mergemaster to
mention only files that have changed in the upstream since the last
mergemaster run, but that funtionality fails. Apparently, some
upstream files have the following VCS Id:
# $FreeBSD$
and that anulls version checking. Recently, a lot of files in /etc
(ie., rc.d files) have received full VCS Id strings, but not all.
Someone ought to touch files in the subversion repository?

So in either way you look at it, something is WRONG(TM).

BTW, off-topic:
1. mergemaster outputs "CVS Id", while mergemaster's manpage contains
"VCS Id". One of these is WRONG(TM). Which one?
2. mergemaster outputs "Use 'i' to install merged file". TODO: add a "the".
3. The BUGS section of mergemaster's manpage is redundant.

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