[RFT] Major snd_hda rewrite

Alexander Motin mav at FreeBSD.org
Sun Jan 15 13:36:49 UTC 2012

On 01/11/12 21:33, Alexander Motin wrote:
> I would like request for testing of my work on further HDA sound driver
> improvement.


> Patch can be found here:
> http://people.freebsd.org/~mav/hda.rewrite.patch
> Patch was generated for 10-CURRENT, but should apply to fresh 9-STABLE
> and 8-STABLE branches also.
> Special thanks to iXsystems, Inc. for supporting this work.
> Comments and tests results are welcome!

Big thanks to everybody who tried it! As soon as no regressions were 
found, I've just committed slightly updated code into the HEAD branch. I 
plan to merge it down to 8/9-STABLE in about two months.

Alexander Motin

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