[RFT] Major snd_hda rewrite

Alexander Motin mav at FreeBSD.org
Sun Jan 15 06:50:23 UTC 2012

On 01/15/12 03:06, Jan Beich wrote:
> Alexander Motin<mav at FreeBSD.org>  writes:
>> I would like request for testing of my work on further HDA sound
>> driver improvement.
> [...]
>>   - Codec pins and GPIO signals configuration was exported via set of
>> writable sysctls. Another sysctl dev.hdaa.X.reconfig allows to trigger
>> driver reconfiguration in run-time. The only requirement is that all
>> pcm devices should be closed at the moment, as they will be destroyed
>> and recreated. This should significantly simplify process of fixing
>> CODEC configuration. It should be possible now even to write GUI to do
>> it with few mouse clicks.
> reconfig seems to not honor hw.snd.default_unit sysctl. After
> reconfiguration the sysctl was reset to `0' (default). Is this expected?
> Even if it is specified as a tunable in loader.conf?

Audio drivers know nothing about default_unit. reconfig destroys pcm 
devices and that probably changes default_unit.

Alexander Motin

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