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Thu Jan 12 23:54:16 UTC 2012

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JFYI for those of you who aren't subscribed to the announce@ mailing
list...  9.0-RELEASE is, finally, announced.  The announcement message
is available here:

Lots of you noticed that the 9.0-RELEASE ISO and memstick images
appeared on the FTP sites a while ago.  But as pointed out this
release turned out to be an example of why the "official policy" is
that it's not truly released until the announcement email gets sent
out.  I had not tested using sysinstall(8) to install pre-built
packages from the DVD during my initial testing since we're sorta
moving away from sysinstall(8).  I had just tested installing the
pre-built packages using pkg_add(8).  Someone noticed sysinstall(8)
misbehaved before I got the images put up on Bittorrent and the
fix was simply adding one file to the DVD image that the new build
infrastructure omitted since bsdinstall(8) doesn't use it.  So I
went ahead with replacing the DVD images on the FTP site.  That's
also why we waited longer than normal between the images appearing
on the FTP sites and the announcement - we gave extra time to try
and make sure the updated images got to all the FTP mirrors.  Sorry
about the screw-up.

If you downloaded the amd64 and/or i386 DVD images before now you
might want to check the checksums with the ones posted in the
release announcement.  The fix to make sysinstall(8) happy about
installing from the DVD images was the *only* change made to the
updated images.  The "bad" images were never available via
Bittorrent so if you got the images that way you wouldn't have
a bad image.

On behalf of the Release Engineering Team and the FreeBSD Developers
we hope you enjoy 9.0-RELEASE.

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