SCHED_ULE / NetGraph interaction broken somwhere between r227874 and r229818

Lev Serebryakov lev at
Thu Jan 12 10:05:33 UTC 2012

Hello, Andriy.
You wrote 12 января 2012 г., 13:54:41:

>>  Switching to 4BSD helps. 4BSD works as usual: all CPU time is
>>  interrupts and network thread, system is responsive under heaviest load,
>>  normal operations of DNS, DHCP and hostapd.
> How reproducible is this result?

> In other words, have you definitely ruled out all other factors besides the
> scheduler?

   I have two almost-identical NanoBSD images which differs in one line in kernel
 config  -- option about scheduler. Worlds are exactly the same, only kernels were

      Alexander Motin suggests, that switching scheduler could slightly
 change stack consumption, which triggers switching to ng_queue
 instead of direct calls.

    Really, here is diff between "md5" of all files of one and other

blob# diff  ~lev/bsd-image.md5sums ~lev/ule-image.md5sums
< MD5 (./boot/kernel/kernel) = 3bb0dd757628b5065d27ee5e7fc22eb3
> MD5 (./boot/kernel/kernel) = 5ba379d2c73e1277566f4bbcb618a9f2
< MD5 (./conf/base/var/log/userlog) = a827af82c1f780687706b19c7d94b29e
> MD5 (./conf/base/var/log/userlog) = fc289b66ae6cb23f9b24b694bf12157b
< MD5 (./var/log/userlog) = a827af82c1f780687706b19c7d94b29e
> MD5 (./var/log/userlog) = fc289b66ae6cb23f9b24b694bf12157b

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