ZFS fails with bsdinstaller 9.0RC3

Freek Dijkstra public at macfreek.nl
Mon Jan 9 02:46:13 UTC 2012

Garrett Cooper wrote:

>> I just tried to install FreeBSD 9.0RC3 with a ZFS-only file system. I
>> succeeded by doing a manual install. The bsdinstaller failed: it would
>> write not write the new filesystem to /mnt as expected (I presume it has
>> overwritten the memstick filesystem at /). I'm relative new to FreeBSD,
>> so I'm trying to understand what I did wrong, or if this is quirk in the
>> bsdinstaller (unlikely).
>     Uh, memory serves me correctly, you were in the zfs root...

/me slaps head. I just never thought of that possibility....

Thanks for your insight!

Could I have exited the /mnt jail with exit?

I needed to run
 # zfs set mountpoint=/ zroot
but got
 internal error: failed to initialize ZFS library
which indeed is what happens in a chrooted jail.

Would there have been another way for me to run the zfs?


PS: sorry for the delayed "thank you". I was mostly away from my
keyboard this weekend.

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