Kernel does not build on 10.0-CURRENT (amd64)

Rainer Hurling rhurlin at
Fri Jan 6 22:14:22 UTC 2012

On 06.01.2012 22:49 (UTC+1), Alexander Yerenkow wrote:
> 2012/1/6 Adrian Chadd <adrian at <mailto:adrian at>>
>     On 6 January 2012 10:19, Rainer Hurling <rhurlin at
>     <mailto:rhurlin at>> wrote:
>      > I commented all wireless network drivers and their options out.
>     But the
>      > error remains. Is it necessary to have this option uncommented
>     even when the
>      > driver ath is commented out?
>     Yes, because of how the wlan/ath modules are built. You need to have
>     AH_SUPPORT_AR5416 in the kernel config file, as the driver/module
>     currently doesn't build without it.
> I'm sorry for intruding in this topic, but it seems to me similar subject;

No problem. I also sometimes have to try for functional configs, before 
kernel build again. Some kind of deps spec could be very useful. And 
also some kind of notification for relevant kernel config changes, 
introduced by updates, would be of help.

> Did FreeBSD ever tried to make config variables structured and with
> specified dependencies?
> To make clear what I mean - is anyone tried to implement some deps spec
> file (Or some special Makefile's sections, whatever), so if you
> specified feature A in kernel, it can check if you also specified B
> (which is required by A)?
> In this way config could provide feedback when you trying to build
> kernel without needed dependencies, and many peoples could save their
> time not compiling non-buildable kernel.
>     I'll eventually fix that, but right now I just want to leave that
>     option in and not hack up the Makefile to define said option.
>     Otherwise other options (eg enabling 11n, enabling hal debugging, etc)
>     are completely ignored when building modules.
>     Same with IEEE80211_SUPPORT_MESH i believe. I should really
>     re-verify that.
>     Adrian
> --
> Regards,
> Alexander Yerenkow

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